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Designing for sustainability

Designing for Sustainability: A Guide to Building Greener Digital Products and Services

by Tim Frick

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Design for sustainability

Design for Sustainability: A Multi-level Framework from Products to Socio-technical Systems (Routledge Focus on Environment and Sustainability)

by Fabrizio Ceschin and İdil Gaziulusoy

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Ruined by design

Ruined by Design: How Designers Destroyed the World, and What We Can Do to Fix It

by Mike Monteiro

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thinking-in-systems id4511365

Thinking in Systems: A Primer

by Donella Meadows

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Content design sarah richards

Content design

by Sarah Richards

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Content strategy book cover

Content Strategy for the Web

by Kristina Halvorson

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the stack book cover

The Stack: On Software and Sovereignty

by Benjamin H. Bratton

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